World Champion CHILI COOKOFF
Just East of the Big Bend National Park
November 3-7, 2004

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Terlingua camp 1   Around campAround camp 2   around camp 3
We had a great campsite on  level ground, set further away from the party for a peaceful campfire

Terlingua, dinner at camp  Terlingua, sitting around camp
Dinner was a favorite time of day and Tom Collins made some great, award-winning chili from a past cookoff winning recipe

Terlingua_Tom Collins serving chili  Terlingua_Mike Rucker sitting around camp

Tom Collins serving Kayla and Mike Rucker chili and Mike sitting around camp

Terlingua_historic chili sign of days past  Terlingua_Chisos Mountains
   A sign we tripped over in the dirt, resurrected for posterity's sake              Telephoto view of the distant Chisos Mountains               

Terlingua_Cheryl Arthur setting up  Terlingua_Cheryl's sidekick Karen
Cheryl Arthur arrived the next day and set up her trailer with her sidekick, Karen

Terlingua_Bike Boy camp  Terlingua_Chili Cookers stylin'
The Bike Boys' Camp                                     Chili Cookers were going for style points

Terlingua_Tom with chili cookers  Terlingua_Chisos Mountains in the distance
              Tom Collins, making merry                                                       Chisos Mountains, inviting us for a ride

Terlingua_Chisos Mountains beckoning  Terlingua_Yamaha Cruiser
                                                                                              Tom Collins' Betty Blowtorch Memorial Yamaha Cruiser

Terlingua_Steve's vintage rice rocket  Terlingua_Bike Boys depart
                           Steve's vintage rice rocket                                 The Bike Boys and Kayla ready to ride the Chisos Mountains

Terlingua_Chisos Mountains Sign  Terlingua_Chisos Mountain View
               Chisos Mountains Sign                                              The Homer Wilson Ranch in Big Bend National Park

Terlingua_Homer Wilson Ranch sign  Homer Wilson Ranch exterior
Homer Wilson Ranch interior 2 
hOmer Wilson Ranch interior 1
Even though abandoned in 1945, you could have moved in and lived comfortably today

Homer Wilson Ranch back porch  Homer Wilson Ranch round corral
Homer Wilson Ranch back porch                                                    Back yard round horse corral

Homer Wilson Ranch corral interior  Eric Whipple at corral entrance
The corral was round to prevent horse injury                                        Eric Whipple at corral entrance             

Home Wilson Ranch trail back up hill  Homer Wilson Ranch cactus in bloom
The hillside trail up from the Homer Wilson Ranch                                        Cactus in bloom on the trail up the hill     

Homer Wilson Ranch Bear Warning Sign  Homer Wilson Ranch more blooming cactus
There were bears all over the Big Bend National Park, particularly this valley                                  More blooming cactus on the trail

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