Placerville Invitational
Cherry Pit Spitting
Contest and Jack Daniels Party 2005

This website is dedicated to good times with good friends in friendly competition and Jack Daniels consumption.
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In order to preserve the privacy of those both innocent and guilty, names will not be noted.

Our Fearless leader, well into the mood

Our fearless leader's better half, keeping an eye on our fearless leader . . .

Before 1
Just a few BEFORE shots . . .

Before 2

Before 3

Before 4

Pond jungle 3

Pond jungle 5

Flowers 1

Flowers 4

Flowers 7

Flowers 5

Flowers 8

Flowers 11

Flowers 12

Flowers 6

Flowers 15

Flowers 16

Garden Frog

I couldn't help but show the fantastic flowers that Bill grows . . .
And now, on to horseshoes!

Horseshoes 1

Horseshoes 2

Horseshoes 3

Horsehoes 5

Horseshoes 6

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